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Creative Lab Residency

Alberta Whittle

Mon 22 January — Fri 16 February 2018

A Recipe for Planters Punch

Alberta Whittle’s creative practice is rooted in collective-care and self-love, as vital methods in working towards a decolonial practice, built on challenging anti-blackness.

During Whittle’s Creative Lab residency, they will create moments for sharing, listening and thinking through strategies for imagining a decolonial practice. Central to this research is developing methods for re-orientating languages of racial Otherness, through discussing the structures of oppression, which systematically marginalise and erase PoC from public culture.

On 26 January, Whittle will hold an informal one-day workshop offering the opportunity to read and discuss texts related to radical self-love, race and representation through the lens of care and solidarity. There will be moments for being at rest and listening, as well as undertaking short writing exercises. The Ecology of Care Bureau will present a one-day workshop on 27 January to collectively research notions of ‘diversity’ within methods for Best Practice. The Ecology of Care Bureau is set up with the need to reclaim diversity, actively working towards an Ecology of Care, a work in progress. The Bureau is not a team of experts or consultants, just an interested party in the circumstances that affect us.

On 12 February Whittle will be in conversation with Camara Taylor as part of TalkSeePhotography. Building on an ongoing collaborative practice, Taylor and Whittle will work through intersections of their research which straddles acts of refusal, radical self care, under-representation of PoC artists and tidalectics as methodologies of making, living and resisting.

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