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Creative Lab Residency

Ashanti Harris

Mon 18 February — Fri 1 March 2019

Ashanti Harris

Ashanti Harris is an artist, teacher and community activist who has exhibited work nationally and internationally, as well as working closely with communities through Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S) and Project X, with whom with she acts as lead artist and facilitator.

Ashanti’s research focuses on themes of mobilities (the movement of people, ideas and
things as well as the broader social implications of these movements), particularly in relation to the diaspora of West Africa and The Caribbean. Her work most often takes the form of performative installations and participatory workshops.

During the Creative Lab residency Ashanti will be working with choreographer Mele Broomes (V/DA & Project X) and (virtually) with South African based electronic noise musician, Healer Oran aka Andrei Van Wyk.

Ashanti, Mele and Andrei will be exploring collaborative processes across performance disciplines and across both physical and virtual borders. Working with texts, scores, live and recorded sounds, film and live performance as a tool for international exchange and collaboration, they will use the Creative lab residency to collectively explore the body as a repository of incorporated histories which are communicated through dance, movement and voice.

The residency will culminate in a sharing of the research on Thursday 28th February and a Skype conversation with Andrei Van Wyk.

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