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Creative Lab Residency

My Bookcase

Mon 19 February — Fri 16 March 2018

My Bookcase

Is reading thinking? Is a book a thought? These are some of the questions that My Bookcase founder, Cristina Garriga, will investigate during her residency at Creative Lab through individual research and shared dialogues.

If you are interested in learning more about My Bookcase’s work, get in touch with Cristina ( and she will be delighted to welcome you to the Creative Lab space for an informal chat.

As part of the residency, My Bookcase invites you to join for a series of group thinking session using the Socratic Dialogue format.

Socratic Dialogues aim for the creation of creative thought by offering a space for dialogue where everyone is able to philosophise and each member is valued as an important part of the group thinking.

The Socratic Dialogues at CCA are part of The reader’s workshop, a nomadic project, taking place with different groups across Glasgow, Catalunya and the Netherlands. Each dialogue explores from a different angle reading as thinking and the book as a thought.

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