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Creative Lab Residency

Katherine Ka Yi Liu

Thu 1 October — Wed 28 October 2020

Katherine Ka Yi Liu: A Poetic Revolution

there is no longer necessary to distinguish the border(s) is a safe research platform that is created by artist-curator Katherine Ka Yi Liu 廖加怡 very recently. This platform investigates and reflects the uncertain times we now live in and our unrecognisable futures - COVID-19 Brexit; climate disaster; the post-colonial crisis in Hong Kong; the implementation of Hong Kong National Security Law and the UK’s citizenship offer to Hong Kong Residents.

This project, with a particular focus on the nexus of power relations between the West and China, will be constructed and developed as a radical archive, more attuned to an authentic geopolitical journal.

Liu’s persisting, progressive, resilient approaches to research are acts of support, love, and solidarity to our expending digital global communities, especially to the East Asian diaspora communities.


Katherine Ka Yi Liu 廖加怡 (b.1989, Los Angeles, She/them) is an artist-curator, founding member of PLACEHOLDER [___], and a former committee member at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2018 – 2020). Growing up mostly in Hong Kong her research interests were sparked by witnessing the transition between the colonial and post-colonial era of the city. Lingering in between diasporic conversations, Liu contemplates notions of the cultural, socio-political, socio-linguistic construction of diasporic identities and conflicts within the politics of power, gender, and race.

Liu is one of the selected participants of Satellites Programme 2021 at Collective Gallery, Edinburgh and commissioned curators of Across the City programme at Glasgow International Festival 2021.

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