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Creative Lab Residency

Morwenna Kearsley

Mon 2 March — Sun 15 March 2020

Morwenna Kearsley

"I've been thinking about how I had to forget everything I know about photography to remember how to put pictures together again, to re-learn it in a way so that everything I’d learned before somehow manages to become visible again; to act on everything new I’ve learnt so it overlaps, bleeds out from the edges". (Excerpt from Grateful Citizens, Morwenna Kearsley, 2018)

Morwenna Kearsley is a Glasgow-based artist working with and thinking about lens-based media and its effects on ways of seeing and being. Through the study and production of photographs and videos she considers the question: how are we changed by the images we consume?

The threads that run through all of her work might be made visible in this series of questions: is photography a haptic technology? What is the lens’s relationship to love? How might we rearrange the order of the photographed environment in relation to gender and experience?

Morwenna’s work attempts to understand the complexity of image-making and image-receiving. She often uses writing, weaving archival research with autobiographical events to agitate and disrupt her understanding of what a photographed image is and how it can act on her memory, and inevitably, on her body and voice.

She will spend the Creative Lab residency working on the sequencing of a new series of photographic works and texts on photography. The residency will culminate in a sharing of the research in an Open Studio on Sunday 15 March.

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