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Creative Lab Residency

Mostly Cloudy

Tue 1 September — Wed 30 September 2020

Mostly Cloudy

Over the past 3 months, Mostly Cloudy have been practicing shamanic meditation using drumming techniques popularised by anthropologist Michael Harner. They have been using this method to inform and develop their work - specifically within collaborative paintings.

This residency will see Mostly Cloudy experiment in the realm of music and sound - drawing inspiration from shamanic drumming viewed through a contemporary lens. They are seeking to create functional meditative tools through the use of synthesizers, electronics and non-traditional instruments.

As part of this project, Mostly Cloudy will host sessions of sound meditation. The sessions will last around one hour and will involve: a private viewing of the works-in-progress, an introductory explanation of the project, a guided shamanic meditation, an opportunity to draw or write about your own experience and a conversation between the artists and participants.

To arrange a visit (socially distanced and with restricted numbers), please email

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