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Cryptic Nights Echoes-Reprise

Thu 5 June 2014


Music composer and filmmaker Mikolaj Szatko’s Echoes-Reprise fuses the senses in an engaging and meditative blend of visual and sonic art.

Enter an immersive environment which sparks and provokes the subconscious through multi-projection animation and live music; challenging your perceptions of character, narration and the impact of fellow participants.

Developed from Szatko’s Echoes, first displayed at Inspace Edinburgh as part of the 48 Hours Project curated by New Media Scotland, Echoes-Reprise sees the work expanded and transformed through live performance. Inspired by the practices of Luis Recoder and Sandra Gibson, this piece encourages active engagement from the spectator, generating increased understanding and appreciation of abstract artistic expression.

Stimulate your senses and relish in an indulgent cinematic experience…

The installation will be followed by a Q&A session featuring the artist and led by Mark Daniels, Executive Director at New Media Scotland.

Echoes-Reprise is produced by Cryptic in partnership with New Media Scotland.

Strobe effects will be used during this performance.

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8pm, £5, Theatre
Ages: 14+
Book online / 0141 352 4900