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Cryptic Nights Numbercult Articulations: An Evening of Visual Music

Thu 7 May 2015


Artist and musician Craig Ritchie Allan (Numbercult) orchestrates a synchronized ballet of geometry and sound. Inspired by the work of Kandinsky, Fischinger, Stockhausen and Xenakis, Ritchie Allan uses bespoke generative real time animation to compose and conduct with colour. Articulations is a captivating performance in which music and visual art are truly united; a novel and engaging experience that saturates the senses and evokes a synaesthetic spectrum of emotion.

“Lose yourself for a few minutes in the vibrating mathemagical lands of Numbercult, audiovisual immersions in which sound and geometry fuse in a strange, abstract dance.” Create Digital Music

The live performance will be followed by an artist discussion with the audience.

Cryptic Nights: crossing creative boundaries with live music, visual and sonic art, film and new media

Pre-book a table at Saramago and enjoy four delicious tapas for £10 prior to the performance.

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8pm, £7.40 (£4.40) + 60p booking fee, Cinema
Ages 14+ when accompanied by an adult
Book online / 0141 352 4900