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Cryptic Nights


Thu 19 May 2022

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

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Large print

Three people dancing in unison wearing a suit and tie.

Image courtesy of Daniel Cook

At Cryptic Nights, Daniel Cook's film featuring performance company STASIS will be screened and accompanied by a live score, performed by musicians Ailie Ormston and Tim Fraser.

Cue is a collaboration between STASIS, Ailie Ormston, Tim Fraser and Daniel Cook. Inspired by music created by Ormston and Fraser for Counterflows 2019, STASIS have created a performance which responds to the music and idiosyncratic architecture of a former Victorian school, which then developed into an artist film with filmmaker Daniel Cook. Utilising film noir and classic horror references, the eerie visuals tie together gendered cinematic tropes and concepts of the tragic hero’s journey and false victimhood, creating a sense of haunting and dread.

STASIS, founded in 2014, is a collaborative performance project by Aniela Piasecka, Olivia Norris, Isabel Palmstierna and Paloma Proudfoot that moves between the disciplines of performance art, live art, film, and installation.

Their unhinged, choreographed routine was an OTT blast of daft, feminist slapstick comedy and climaxed with them head-butting wedding cakes in sisterly unison.

The Quietus

Ailie Ormston and Tim Fraser’s album It Changes is set for release in Summer 2022 through bison records.

Daniel Cook is an artist and filmmaker, who immerses himself in the lives of his subjects. Creating work that is at once performative, factual and fictional.

Please note

This performance will include loud noises, and the film includes nudity.

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Wheelchair accessible

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Tickets no longer available