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Body Remedy

Dancefloor Echoes: Channelling Movement, with Frankie Mulholland & V3NUSIAN

Tue 16 July 2024

Tickets no longer available
Left: photo of Frankie wearing vivid make up. Right: Close up photo of V3NUSIAN.

Frankie Mulholland & V3NUSIAN

Recalling the improvised energy of club environments, this guided movement exploration will activate your understanding of how we physically navigate and react to sound, fostering a synergistic relationship between movement and sound stimuli.

is a performance artist working with the mediums of movement, visual art and sound. Through these mediums, her work interrogates identity, time, intimacy and dance as a form of healing. She believes that clubs have the possiblity of being a space of sanctuary and protection for queer communities and interogates how movement and sound can be used as a transformative tool. She has been involved in Glasgow’s club scene since 2015 and was one of the Co-op board members of the queer workers space Bonjour Glasgow as well as a member of Scottish Ballroom community and recipient of the 2021 #LoveDanceScotland award.

is a South African-Kenyan music curator, DJ and music artist. They seek pleasure in the interconnectedness of sound and sensory stimuli. V3NUSIAN takes pleasure in orbiting around many sounds and does so on her monthly resident show with Radio Buena Vida. They are currently undertaking their studies in music theory, composition, music for the visual arts and other relative subjects.

This movement session is open level for black people and people of colour who identify as women and/or non-binary.

This is part of Body Remedy’s 2024 programme: Geological Echoes.

Find out more at Body Remedy: Geological Echoes


How much does it cost?
Classes are FREE, booking is required.

What to wear?

Each class is a little different. Information will be sent out to you once you have booked your class.

What to bring?

Bottle of water.

What do we provide?

Exercise matts and cleaning station.

Do you need experience?

No. Class is open level for black people and people of colour who identify as women and/or non-binary.


If you are facing any financial barriers coming to class, for example, transportation or childcare costs, please email us at

What should you consider?

Arriving 10 minutes early to get settled and help class start on time.

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Part of Body Remedy 2024: Geological Echoes #




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Free but ticketed

Tickets no longer available