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David Keenan with Saint Sister

Sun 3 February 2019

Dundalk-born David Keenan’s compelling songcraft draws equally on poetic forebears such as Yeats, Wilde and Behan, and musical heroes including Dylan, Tim Buckley and the Dubliners. Crafting potently evocative, emotive narratives and word-pictures, allied with raw yet tender vocals, he’s currently recording his much-anticipated first album with renowned producer John Reynolds.

Saint Sister are the Derry/Belfast duo of Gemma Doherty and Morgan MacIntyre, whose early ethereal mix of Celtic harp, 1960s-style folk and delicate electronics prompted the tag ‘atmosfolk’. Still awash with dreamily honeyed harmonies, 2018’s debut album Shape of Silence darkened and diversified these soundscapes with synths, vocoders and Wurlitzer, distortion and glitchy beats.