Opening Hours: Tue-Sat: 10am-12midnight, Sun-Mon: Closed

DocKlub Glasgow

Thu 26 September 2019

Doc Klub Glasgow

DocKlub: Scotland’s Collective of Documentary Filmmakers. Come along and meet your doc peers, share works-in-progress, watch films & make docs together.

Established in 2015, DocKlub meets every month in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. It has hosted dozens of filmmakers screening their works-in-progress. These have included directors from around Scotland presenting their work in person, as well as Skype sessions with filmmakers from around the world.

Whether you have a micro-short or feature doc, exploratory pitch or fine cut, you can come to DocKlub and find a sympathetic test audience ready for critical discussion. If you have work-in-progress you’d like to share, get in touch:

Out of DocKlub has grown the phenomenon that is ‘DOCMA’ - a collaborative filmmaking game with an ever-growing archive of films. At DocKlub, we make a DOCMA film together every month. Come and make a DOCMA film with us!




7.30pm - 10pm, Free (unticketed), Clubroom
0141 352 4900