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Doc'n Roll Film Festival presents: Stories from the She-Punks: Music With A Different Agenda (plus Q&A)

Sat 29 June 2019


Doc'n Roll Film Festival presents:

Never Stop: A Music That Resists
plus Q&A with Jacqueline Caux (Director)

This film shows us a paradoxical story: how the exorcism force of this creative movement of Detroit techno and the creation - by each of its pioneers - of their independent labels allowed an underground culture to resonate worldwide. How a creative force, building on new attitudes towards the world of technology and electronic communication, enabled a DIY economic utopia to become a reality. How, facing an almost unbearable environment daily, the only way out for these musicians has been to build capacity to develop creativity and effervescent freedom while maintaining endearing human qualities. How - knowing that these labels now exist for thirty years - their attitude and approach can be an example to many of us. Finally, how to defeat! Detroit city is being reborn.




5.15pm, £8 (£6), Cinema
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