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Document 2019 Environmental Justice in Latin America (panel discussion)

Sat 26 October 2019

Environmental Justice in Latin America

Join us for an informal, long-form panel discussion with experts in the field exploring issues stemming from the movement for environmental justice in Latin America – touching on the discourse around land rights, indigneity, colonial pathologies, and strategies of resistance.

With the destruction of the Amazon rainforest currently raising awareness of the relationship between neoliberal capitalism, climate breakdown and mass displacement, we aim to take a deeper dive into the histories and contemporary reflections of extractive practises and policies in the region and what they mean on a local and global scale.

And with 2019 designated the international Year of Indigenous Languages, we also look to explore the agency and centrality of indigenous peoples in shaping the struggle for environmental and human rights, and ways we can all look to ally in the fight.


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