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Document 2019 Our Voice of Earth, Memory and Future

Sat 26 October 2019

Our Voice of Earth, Memory and Future

This digital restoration of Marta Rodríguez' and Jorge Silva's 1981 feature honours an important work of Latin American political cinema, one that doesn’t posit indigenous culture in romantic contrast to modernity, but rather recognises in it an aesthetic of resistance.

The dominant subject of Rodríguez and Silva's films is the centuries-long oppression of farmers and indigenous peoples in Colombia, and their equally long resistance. Nuestra voz de tierra, memoria y futuro is a film that would not exist without the critical participation of the indigenous farmers of Coconuco. Images no longer function as argumentative proof for eyewitness accounts, but rather form a tightly woven system of signs: furrows in the landscape, the backs of animals, the gestures of monuments, the myths and masks of the people and the breath that brings musical instruments to life.

Marta Rodríguez, Jorge Silva | Columbia | 1981 | 105m


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