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Document Film Festival Forgetting Vietnam

Sat 21 October 2017

Forgetting Vietnam

Influential feminist theorist and filmmaker Trinh T. Minh-ha’s lyrical film essay commemorating the 40th anniversary of the end of the war draws inspiration from ancient legend and from water as a force evoked in every aspect of Vietnamese culture. In Forgetting Vietnam images of contemporary life unfold as a dialogue between land and water - the elements that form the term "country." Fragments of text and song evoke the echoes and traces of a trauma of international proportions. The encounter between the ancient as related to the solid earth, and the new as related to the liquid changes in a time of rapid globalisation, creates a third space of historical and cultural re-memory - what local inhabitants, immigrants and veterans remember of yesterday’s stories to comment on today’s events.

Trinh T Minh-ha | USA/South Korea/Germany | 2015 | 1hr 30m

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4.30pm, £4 (£3) + £1 booking fee, Cinema
14+ accompanied by an adult
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