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Douglas Thompson: Stray Pilot Launch

Tue 20 September 2022

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

Relaxed event

Image of Douglas Thompson with the sun lighting his face. He's outside with a loch and mountains in the background.

Image Courtney of Douglas Thompson

Former Chair of the SWC, Douglas Thompson, has been ploughing his own quiet furrow as a writer for the last 33 years. His novels, short stories and poetry have found homes with a diverse range of publishers in the UK, Europe and North and South America, and will be translated into German and Portuguese next year. 2022 is proving to be something of an ‘annus mirabilis’ for him, during which his total of published books will reach 20 and counting. Variously classed as an exponent of Science Fiction, Horror, Historical Fiction, Surreal and Mainstream Literary writing, his accounts of the publishers he has worked with provide a stimulating insight of interest to writers starting out or those seeking more unusual outlets for their work beyond the dreaded ‘Big Five’ giant publishing houses who churn out airport books and shout us all down regarding what to read each year. Why can’t ‘Indy’ publishing be seen as equally exciting as ‘Indy bands’? Provided you’re not looking to make a fortune, it certainly can be.

Beyond its anecdotal content, this event will also serve as a launch for Douglas’ latest novel ‘Stray Pilot’(Elsewhen) and his new collaborative novella: ‘Oneironauts’ with the Black Isle artist Pamela Tait, along with numerous other smaller publications such as his poetry collection ‘Eternity’s Windfall’ which was published by Dreich Books in February.




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Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

Tickets no longer available