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DREAM: Experimental Short Film Night

Thu 23 June 2022

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English subtitling

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Foamy sea waves crashing against the rocks.


CinemaAttic is proud to present this selection of short films as part of ADRIFT, a film season bringing essential world cinema to Scotland this spring.

DREAM will show experimental short films questioning the barriers ahead of humans, as a race, to reach a new era. The biggest problem for this inevitable transition is the fear of change. It is a fear experienced, to a degree, by most humans, to the point of people inventing traditions and versions of the past to justify conservative (often fanatical) takes on culture, community, religion etc.

As a consequence, it might feel that different people live in different realities despite being neighbours. These disparate new realities have disrupted customs and traditions and are now bearing witness to different drifts, some that anaesthetise and others that excite and exhilarate, yet without knowing where they are heading.

That is the edge we are looking for, these are the dividing lines we’d like to map out and study with a keen interest in those moving along these lines rather than across them.

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8:00pm — 10:00pm

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English subtitling

Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available