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Edge Effects
On a Proletarian Soil
Simon Yuill

Sat 29 July 2017

Written in the style of a walker’s guide following routes to two destinations on the outskirts of Lumsden, Simon Yuill’s essays explore and question the relations between politics and nature through sources ranging from Aristotle’s Athenian Constitution to Robert Kirk’s Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies and drawing on the work of Donna Haraway, Sarah Jacquette Ray and Alexander Reid Ross.

Natural histories are political writings in which nature defines the limits and possibilities of the political. Nature is interrogated in order to understand what the political might ‘properly’ be, structuring the limits and possibilities of power, whilst our understanding of the limits and possibilities of nature are themselves constrained by the politics we already have or lie within their existing desires.

In this open conversation, Simon will be joined by Emma Balkind and Nuno Sacramento to read and discuss extracts from the essays.

This event is presented as part of Scottish Sculpture Workshop: Edge Effects; a programme of workshops, walks, sound work, film and performance that explore the complex co-dependencies between ecological, social, economic, and political phenomena.

Edge Effects runs from 27 - 30 July at CCA and sites across the city. For more details on the full programme visit: SSW Edge Effects.