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Edge Effects
Regenerative Notes
Interfaces for Empathy

Sat 29 July 2017

Regenerative Notes – Reflecting and Developing Empathetic Practices in Post-Fossil World

Could empathy be one of the key elements in reconnecting us with our ecosystem and ourselves? After all, empathy is the element that has enabled humans to work together and collaborate in order to flourish as species. Mari Keski-Korsu, Maarit Laihonen and Petri Ruikka are interested in extending reflections towards asking how to create deeper connections in the crisis of humanity and how to develop skills for existence in post-fossil life. Mari, Maarit and Petri are collectively searching for methods for empathetic action and activism.

How can discussion be empathetic, what would that enable, and what does that mean in terms of collective intelligence? Through this discussion Mari, Maarit and Petri give some foundations as well as general directions for an empathetic discussion experiment, the format is open for ongoing development during the session.

The event is inclusive and open for everyone and we hope that the participants stay the whole session in order to guarantee empathetic atmosphere and coherence in the discussion.

This event is in collaboration with Pixelache and funded by Kone Foundation.

This event is presented as part of Scottish Sculpture Workshop: Edge Effects; a programme of workshops, walks, sound work, film and performance that explore the complex co-dependencies between ecological, social, economic, and political phenomena.

Edge Effects runs from 27 - 30 July at CCA and sites across the city. For more details on the full programme visit: SSW Edge Effects.