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CANCELLED Embodiment Circle Glasgow Embody Your Message with Daniela Razocher

Sun 12 April 2020

Walsh circle 800 5srd

We regret this event has been cancelled.

Embodiment Circle Glasgow is a peer embodiment group, which meets once a month to share, connect and learn. Every circle starts with a short meditation and arrival movement followed by sharing in the circle and sometimes small groups.

April Workshop: Embody Your Message - Communicating with Confidence

"You cannot communicate" - Paul Watzlawick

Even when you're not saying anything, you are communicating a message to your environment, be it in a meeting, at a dinner or by email. If you want to communicate your intention more successfully and with more confidence in challenging situations this workshop is for you. Using a holistic and body based approach to presence, you will learn how to align your thinking, your emotions and your physical being to communicate with confidence and clarity.

In the Embodiment Circle we will touch on some of the following aspects that I cover the cornerstones of communicating through presence.
-What Posture Has to do with Communication
-How to stand 'correctly' to have more confidence
-How expectation and intention are connected
-How you can let go of negative expectations
-Being more intentional and physical as you communicate

In this introductory workshop you will get a theoretical overview and practical experience of these subjects and you will learn embodied exercises that you can continue practicing afterwards.

Daniela Razocher, based in Vienna, Austria, has been working as a body-based coach and body worker for the last 9 years. Her vision is to live in a healthy community of self empowered, aware individuals, in one-to-one settings and workshops she teaches practical tools of leadership presence with people who want to be present and intentional also in stressful and emotionally challenging situations. Her focus areas are leadership presence, embodied communication, healthy boundaries and intuitive decision-making.

Open to anyone with an interest in or experience of embodiment.


Embodiment Circle Glasgow is part of a network of accessible face-to-face groups to connect and support those passionate about embodiment. Their primary purpose is to build a sense of togetherness between practitioners of all the different embodied arts and to build community. Their vision is a more embodied world ― and therefore a wiser and a kinder world.

This event aims to be fully accessible. Please contact the organisers at to discuss access.




12noon - 3pm, Free (unticketed), Clubroom
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