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Emilia Beatriz Recipes for Grief into Action

Fri 14 June — Sun 30 June 2019


As part of their exhibition declarations on soil and honey, Emilia Beatriz has invited poets, artists and activists from Scotland and Puerto Rico involved in health and land-based movements, to share a recipe for healing or grieving-in-action.

This publication brings together voices whose working methods examine how to speak about grief and crisis, how to resist and listen from the land and work with other people in this resistance.

The publication is infused with a pheromone mix mimicking what honeybees release to communicate with their hive: 1 x part citral, ½ x part citral, 5 x parts Puerto Rican rum

Zines are £3, all proceeds go to La Colmena Cimarrona (The Maroon Hive).

La Colmena Cimarrona practices community based agroecology and beekeeping with the intention of growing food sovereignty, racial and economic justice in the archipelago of Puerto Rico. La Colmena has been restoring soils and replenishing the island with freshly produced food, organising farmer-to-farmer trainings, beekeeping exchanges, health clinics incorporating natural and popular Caribbean medicine; securing and storing seeds for agroecological projects, strengthening networks of solidarity between Vieques, Puerto Rico and the Antilles.

To purchase a copy of the publication, please ask a member of gallery or box office staff. No one will be refused a copy owing to lack of funds.

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£3 (no one will be refused a copy owing to lack of funds)