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Kai Fischer


Thu 5 July — Fri 13 July 2012

A black and white photograph of stones

Entartet - Kai Fischer

Entartet creates a space to listen, and to imagine what can no longer be seen.

75 years ago an infamous art exhibition opened in Munich. It ridiculed the Modern Art on display and marked their creators as degenerate - and dangerous.

For the included artists there were to be bitter consequences.

Entartet uses original text from the exhibition's guide book to create an audio guide to empty spaces. It creates an environment to imagine an infamous event and the world in which it could take place.

Entartet is created by Kai Fischer in association with Vanishing Point and CCA Glasgow.




"...noise frightens me.

The louder the screams roar,

instead of cheering and raising my arm,

the more I pull my hat down into my face."