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Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival

Family Ties

Fri 13 May 2022

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Animated frame showing two young children in their pyjamas carrying their sleeping father up a mountain.

Favorite Daughter, Susi Haaning

Our family experiences can have a major impact on our mental health, for better or for worse. These short films explore how different family relationships can provide essential emotional support or cause long-lasting harm, as well as how creative therapies can help us to unravel our past trauma.

Screening Programme:

Favorite Daughter, Susi Haaning, Denmark: A poetic and playful animation following Favorite Daughter through myriad of moments in her childhood painting a portrait of the father-daughter relationship whilst dealing with their individual challenges of being bipolar.

Transparent, I am., Yuri Muraoka, Japan: Based on a poem written during the Covid-19 pandemic, this powerful poetic essay explores director Yuri Muraoka’s experiences as a parent living with schizophrenia.

At the feet of my mother, Vincent Sparreboom, Netherlands: Director Vincent Spaareboom observes a family constellation therapy session that sees Lucien face his painful and suppressed childhood. Dealing with issues of trauma and parentification, it takes us on an emotional and intimate journey.

On The Surface, Fan Sissoko, Iceland: Tender animation following Ada, a young Black woman, as she goes swimming in the Icelandic Sea and grapples with the complexities of raising a child in a country where she questions her own belonging.

Just in Case, April Kelley: An open and tender conversation between Rachel and her father as she shares her deeps truths about the challenges of living with bipolar disorder. This piece was made in collaboration with Bipolar UK.

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Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available

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Various languages (English, Dutch, Japanese, Danish) with English subtitles.