Feel At Home

Mon 4 November 2019

Feel At Home

Migrant Voice’s Feel at Home project is offering a series of creative, hands-on workshops where we will explore the possibilities of video-making to tell stories of integration from our perspectives.

The seven workshop sessions will:
Encourage creative expression through video-making;
Develop practical, introductory video-making skills;
Create powerful audio-visual messages

The workshops will explore the subject of integration from many angles including: our own experiences of what helps and hinders the process and what creates a sense of belonging. We will create videos with messages around home, integration and belonging as resources for how every one of us can all play a role in making integration happen.

Feel At Home is open to all – migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, Britons and those from the host and established communities

The course has 7 sessions starting Monday 23 September. The course is free of charge, but participants must attend all workshops. To register your interest in the project please contact amparo@migrantvoice.org.

Organised and delivered by Migrant Voice, the project is part of the Participate.Integration initiative created by MoneyGram.

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6pm - 8.30pm, Free (places must be reserved), UWS
Contact amparo@migrantvoice.org to reserve a place