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Hungry Cities: Redesigning our relationship with food

Thu 13 June 2019

As Carolyn Steel states in Hungry City “The relationship between food and cities is fundamental to our everyday lives. The gargantuan effort necessary to feed cities arguably has a greater social and physical impact on us and our planet than anything else we do. Yet we rarely stop to wonder how food reaches our plates.”

In this panel discussion, we examine what role design can play in changing our relationship to food within a city. We talk to those who have sought to radically redesign elements of the Scottish food system.

This short programme as part of the CCA Cooking Pot series to coincide with the theme of ‘Political Animal’, questions the role design can play in questioning and challenging our relationship with food, the city and our communities. The series is designed by Steph Marsden of food/play/food to engage members of the public to with themes that link food, the city and our roles as political animals.

Further information can be found at foodplayfood.com