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Free Association, Jen Clarke & Sunshine Wong Maternal Interruptions

Sat 29 February 2020

Maternal Interruptions

Maternal Interruptions draws on the artists' shared experiences of embodied approaches in creative practice. Both Jen Clarke and Sunshine Wong have recently become mothers and are re-negotiating new desires and demands in their work, lives, and relationships.

In this slow reading workshop, studying an excerpt of Lisa Baraitser's text 'Maternal Encounters', the artists hope to reflect upon maternal subjectivity and how it plays out in context and is shaped by context. What does 'becoming a mother' mean in terms of one's relation with their child as well as with the world that now reconfigures her as 'mother'?

This workshop will introduce, in a simple way, elements from body practices (dance, yoga) to make space for our living and reading bodies. No prior preparation or knowledge of the text is necessary, because it will be read out loud together. There will be a small area for babies and toddlers to safely play or rest, so we welcome parents to bring their children along. We also advise that you bring something to eat for yourselves, though there will be light refreshment provided.


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