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GFF19 I Hope I’m Loud When I’m Dead (presented by LUX Scotland)

Thu 28 February 2019

I Hope I’m Loud When I’m Dead

Exploring ideas around gender, poetry and disobedience, Beatrice Gibson’s 16mm film was developed with two of the most significant living poets in the United States: CA Conrad and Eileen Myles. The film distills material shot on the eve of the 45th presidential inauguration in January 2017, and blends moments of perilous public authority with intimate scenes from Gibson’s daily life. Using poetry as a means to reckon with the present, the film proposes a way of moving through chaos with intimacy and empathy. The film features a soundtrack by Laurence Crane and Pauline Oliveros and is shown alongside a programme of shorts selected by Gibson.

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6:45pm, £11 (£8.80), Cinema
15+ / F-rated
Tickets via GFF / 0141 332 6535