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GFF19 CANCELLED Keep An Eye Out! (Au Poste!)

Sat 2 March 2019

Keep An Eye Out! (Au Poste!)

DJ-turned-director Quentin Dupieux returns with something completely different in this wildly inventive absurdist comedy. Fugain (Grégoire Ludig) has discovered a body in his apartment block and reported it to the police. Now, he faces a long night’s journey into day as he is interrogated by deadpan captain Buron (Benoît Poelvoorde). Events spiral out of control in a surreal genre-bending delight pitched somewhere between a madcap Tex Avery cartoon, a Buñuel satire and some Leslie Nielsen nonsense. The music and facial hair add to the groovy 1970s vibe.

Also screening on Fri 1 Mar, 6pm @ Everyman

Due to circumstances out of our control both screenings of Keep an Eye Out have been cancelled.

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