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GFF19 Minescule – Mandibles from Far Away (Minescule – Les mandibules du bout du monde)

Sun 24 February 2019

Minescule Mandibles from Far Away

This new chapter of the Minuscule series is a dazzling adventure featuring an innovative combination of real landscapes and animations, which results in a mind-blowing immersive experience that everyone, young and old, will enjoy. With winter approaching in the valley, reserves for the cold season are of utmost importance. However, when a small ladybird gets trapped inside a shipment heading for the Caribbean, their father must set off on a heroic overseas journey to rescue his beloved offspring. Told without dialogue, Mandibles from Far Away is a microscopic tale with maximum heart.

Also screening on Sat 23 Feb, 1:45pm

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11:30am, £6, Theatre, F-rated
Tickets via GFF / 0141 332 6535