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GFF19 The River (Ozen)

Sun 24 February 2019

The River

A quietly mesmerising tale of oppression, liberation and a loss of innocence, The River unfolds on a remote Kazakh farm. Five brothers live there under the rule of their strict disciplinarian father but his desire to protect them from the temptations of the world means it’s more like a prison than a sanctuary. The eldest son is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps. When he leads the boys to a river that becomes a carefree place of escape, it is the first of many signs that there is trouble in paradise. A rigorously composed film that is as visually striking as it is endlessly thought-provoking.

Also screening on Thu 21 Feb, 3:30pm @ GFT

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2pm, £11 (£8.80), Cinema
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