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GFF19 Vision

Thu 28 February 2019


The latest mystical drama from director Naomi Kawase is set in the magical Yoshino Mountains of Nara in Japan. French writer Jeanne (a luminous Juliette Binoche) has arrived and is awaiting “vision”, a herb that appears once in a millennium. It is reputed to vanquish weakness and agony in anyone who consumes it. She meets Tomo (Masatoshi Nagase) and Aki (Mari Natsuki), who claims to be the guardian of the forest in which the herb grows. As she waits for nature to flourish, Jeanne grows closer to Tomo and begins a journey to confront the grief and anxieties in her past.

Also screening on wed 27 Feb, 6pm @ Everyman

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3:30pm, £11 (£8.80), Theatre
15+ / F-rated
Tickets via GFF / 0141 332 6535