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GIOfest XII Day 3 GIOxtensions Concert

Sat 30 November 2019


This early evening performances in the CCA cinema on Saturday will feature a further two performances from our GIOxtensions feature.

The first will be a duo set from George Burt (guitar) and Cliona Cassidy (voice) and will take the form of a songwriting session, reminding us of the days of Tin Pan Alley, where a composer and lyricist would be huddled in a tiny space around an instrument with the brief of churning out a batch of songs from which a chart topper could emerge. Not intended for Top of the Pops, though, this session will give us an intimate insight into the creative process and how a song develops.

The second set will feature a trio led by Sam Beagles (trombone). It will be a piece of improvisation with recycled instruments utilising a space, experimenting with spacialisation of how three musicians can utilise both the space and the audience as the central cortex of the stimulus. The piece will physically and musically build from within, finally accumulating in a final primal releasing of the human spirit as everyone returns to the conventional ‘audience watching a trio’ phenomenon.


GIOfest is an annual festival in Glasgow providing a platform for improvising musicians and artists, organised by Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, a large improvising ensemble of musicians from diverse artistic backgrounds ranging from free improvisation, jazz, classical, folk, pop, experimental musics and performance art.

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5pm, Free (unticketed), Cinema
All ages
0141 352 4900