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Glasgow Feminist Arts Festival

Sat 17 November 2018

Presented in partnership with Femspectives and sponsored by the University of Glasgow’s School of Culture and Creative Arts ‘Inclusive/Exclusive’ series

A powerful drama co-directed by eight Māori women directors – Briar Grace-Smith, Casey Kaa, Ainsley Gardiner, Katie Wolfe, Chelsea Cohen, Renae Maihi, Paula Jones, Awanui Simich-Pene – Waru is an exploration of abuse, shame and healing. The film comprises eight unedited sequences each offering a different woman’s perspective on the death of a young boy, Waru, who has been killed by his caregiver. Set around the tangi (a Māori funeral), it is a bold film that challenges the audience through its compelling and original storytelling.

The film will be introduced by Kathi Kamleitner and Lauren Clarke of Femspectives

A hearing loop is available.

The film relies to some extent on visual material to convey ideas but contains a lot of explanatory dialogue.

The film contains scenes or themes of child abuse, the death of a young child, and grief.