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Glasgow Film Festival Blood Machines + Turbo Killer

Wed 4 March 2020

Blood Machines

Spawned from the massive online success of Carpenter Brut’s music video Turbo Killer, directorial team Seth Ickerman pull out all the stops and expand their galactic universe with an incredible feast for the senses. When two space hunters track down a renegade ship, they see the ghost of a young woman pull herself from the machine. Struggling to comprehend what exactly is going on, they find themselves following this mysterious woman to depths they never thought possible. Thus, setting in motion a neon-soaked, synthwave space epic that is sure to reverberate in your mind long after it has finished.

Also screening on Tue 3 Mar, 7.45pm

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3.45pm-4.40pm, £6.50 tickets, Cinema
Tickets via GFF / 0141 332 6535