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Glasgow Film Festival

Thu 1 March 2018

Due to the adverse weather conditions, and on the advice of the travel and emergency services, CCA will close at 2:30pm today - Unfortunately, this means the cancellation of all Glasgow Film Festival screenings for the remainder of today.

Fearlessly savaging high-end marketing industries and society’s nihilistic relationship with advertising, Kristoffer Borgli’s incredible meta-documentary recreates performance artist and comedian Amir Asgharnejad’s disastrous journey into the capitalist industry. After gaining notoriety in a series of YouTube videos in which he intentionally gets beaten up, Amir is invited by an international energy drinks brand to be the face of a violent new campaign. The film’s recreation of Amir’s experience is a hazy and hypnotic journey that doesn’t go to plan, leaving you questioning what is fact and what is fiction. Featuring a pulsating score from PC Music’s Felicita, DRIB is a unique film, impossible to define.

Also screening at Glasgow Film Theatre, Tue 27 Feb, 11am, £5.50