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Glasgow Film Festival James Vs His Future Self

Thu 5 March 2020

James Vs His Future Self

Is there anything more exasperating than well-intentioned advice from an elder determined to pass on the wisdom of experience? Hyperactive nerd James (Jonas Chernick) is obsessed with making time-travel a reality. Then some old dude pops up urging him to ditch that dream and embrace a normal life. The only problem is that jaded, foul-mouthed Jimmy (Home Alone’s Daniel Stern) is James’s future self. The battle for control of James’s life is the basis of a sweet, quirky, science-fiction rom-com from Jeremy Lalonde, director of How To Plan An Orgy In a Small Town.

Also screening on Wed 4 Mar, 6.15pm

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1pm-2.35pm, £11.50 (£9.30 Concessions), Theatre
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