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Glasgow Film Festival Screaming Masterpiece

Thu 5 March 2020

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A vital, multi-stratified portrait of the contemporary music scene in Iceland, Screaming Masterpiece is a musical tour-de-force. The success of Björk & Sigur Rós piqued the world’s interest in the island’s scene, which produces pop music that is globally appealing whilst sticking true to its cultural roots. Magnússon’s beautiful documentary celebrates the wonderful diversity of Icelandic pop, with performances from Björk, Sigur Rós, Múm, Johann Johannson & Amina (with Damon Albarn & Foo Fighters also appearing) amongst many others. Presented on stunning 35mm print, this is an immense and cinematic ode to Icelandic pop music.

Also screening on Fri 6 Mar, 3.45pm

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6.15pm-7.45pm, £11.50 (£9.30 Concessions / £6.50 children 14 & under), Cinema
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