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Glasgow Film Festival The Sleepwalkers (Los sonámbulos)

Sun 8 March 2020

Erica noche pucho 1 86dz

The latest film from writer/director Paula Hernandez is a multi-layered family drama brought to life by a wellcast ensemble. Translator Luisa (Érica Rivas from Wild Tales) has reluctantly agreed to spend yet another New Year holiday at the historic country home of her mother-in-law. She is constantly at odds with her distant teenage daughter Ana (Ornella D’elia) and husband Emilio (Luis Ziembrowski) who makes big decisions without ever consulting her. Festering resentments and seething anger slowly come to the boil as the entire family sleepwalk towards catastrophe.

Also screening on Sat 7 Mar, 21.30 (Cineworld)

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3.45pm-5.35pm, £11.50 (£9.30 Concessions / £6.50 children 14 & under), Cinema
12+ / F-rated
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