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Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network / BEMIS Destierros

Wed 20 November 2019


Viscerally immersed in the experience of Central American migrants on their perilous route to the United States, Destierros provides a sobering account of the desperation, perseverance, and humanity of people fleeing violence with a last hope for a better life.

Leading up to the 2016 US elections, migrants are aware of what may be their last chance to cross the border. Using pure cinematic means, this crucial documentary captures the life-threatening experience of illegal migration. Alternating between visceral sensory sequences and revealing testimonials, the camera is an active observer that bears witness to the violent intensity of uncertain exile, and immortalises the heartbreaking stories of men and women haunted by the past and clinging to their last rays of hope.

The goal is well known – to get into the north of the continent at all costs. But whether dangerously hanging onto trains, avoiding the gangs that prey on the long path to exile, or going days without food or water, the journey is mostly a matter of staying alive. Destierros breathes the urgency of their situation, and contributes to our understanding of the relations of power exercised over migrants and between them.




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