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Glasgow Seed Library Launch: Peruse the Collection

Fri 14 June 2019

Seed Library

Join us for drinks, herbal tea and a peruse of the Glasgow Seed Library.

A seed library is a depository of seeds held in trust for the public. Anyone may come to the library and borrow seeds to grow. The idea is to let a few plants ‘go to seed’ at the end of the growing season. It is suggested that from those plants, you collect the seeds and return the same amount of seed (or more) as you borrowed at the beginning of the growing season. Seeds are free to take, and it is not a requirement to leave seeds, though it is encouraged for the following year. The library is both a collection of seeds and a community of growers. Since seed is a living thing, it must be renewed each year somewhere by someone or unique varieties can become extinct. Even growing one variety and returning one seed to the library is a valuable contribution.

The Glasgow Seed library is produced and activated by you. You may leave seeds and take seeds. The library is focused on distributing seeds for food, and on sharing knowledge about how to grow food locally. There are very few rules for the Glasgow Seed Library, but the library only hosts seeds that have not been grown with the use of pesticides.

CCA hosts this library but does not own it. Throughout the year, we will organise talks and events about seed sharing, food politics and seed autonomy. Library users are encouraged to contribute their knowledge and ideas to this programme. You will find several varieties of seeds in the Library. We focus on heirloom and open-pollinated seeds that are ideal for growing your own food, and would like to encourage all growers to choose as many varieties of seeds available in the library no matter their growing experience.

The library currently contains:
Grize Roodbloeiende Peas, Kelvedon Wonder Peas, Tender and True Parsnips, Ailsa Craig Tomatoes, Fino Florence Fennel, Scarlet Emperor Runner Beans, Blue Green Winter/Avano Leeks, French Breakfast 2 Radish, Wild Strawberries native to Scotland, Marketmore Cucumber, Natalino Broccoli, Tardivo Forcing Chicory, Squash Zappho and Broad Beans. You are also welcome to contribute seeds to the library.

The library also contains books giving further information on seed libraries and growing, as well as books exploring ecology, food and environmental politics, fiction and poetry.

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