Glasgow Tango Studio El Abrazo Milonga + Beginner's Taster Class and Presentation

Fri 7 December 2018


Tonight El Abrazo Milonga hosts a taster class of Argentine Tango for total beginners from 7-8pm. Come and discover the simple secrets of this passionate dance. The class is followed by a 30-minute long presentation by Glasgow Tango Studio’s co-founders, dance professionals Sari Lievonen and Jeff Allan. They demonstrate different Tango styles and reveal also how this music and dance has come to be enjoyed globally in the 21st century. The presentation is suitable for those new to Tango as well as those already having begun their tango journey. After the presentation the evening continues with social dancing in the El Abrazo Milonga, 8.30-11pm with music from Tango DJ Jeff Allan. Those having taken the beginner's class are welcome to stay on and observe how tango is danced by experienced dancers in the formal context of a milonga.

To dance socially we have to create the Tango connection. Thereafter we can communicate with our partners in this beautiful movement language. We walk in unison to interpret the music and will enjoy the first steps of our tango journey. During the class we work in couples, one learning the leader's role while the other learns the follower's role. You can come along with a partner or alone, singles will be partnered with other singles. We cannot guarantee a gender balance but everyone will have a partner to learn with. Please wear comfy shoes, ideally leather/suede soled shoes to allow pivoting. For followers little bit of heel is better than no heel, while for leaders ordinary formal shoes are the best choice.

Please pre-book your place for the Beginner's Taster Class & Presentation by contacting Sari:




7pm, £8 (£5) on the door (Pre-book via email), Clubroom
0141 352 4900