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Glasgow Zine Fest Make a Friend Smile

Sat 14 April 2018

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Make a Friend Smile: foam printing postcards for kids (aged 4+) and families.

Drop-in, admission free.

This fun printmaking workshop will encourage children and their families to learn how to do simple printmaking using foam board and ink. Come in empty-handed and leave with some awesome prints and the skills you need to get started with printmaking at home. In this hands-on workshop, everyone will be given a small square of foam board and, with guidance from experienced crafters, encouraged to draw onto it something which makes their friends or family happy (such as animals, representations of music, activities, food, nature etc.).

You will then be shown how to take a print from your piece of foam and will have the chance to make several prints independently on a range of coloured papers. You will also be encouraged to use a range of craft materials to work into your postcard, giving it a kind message. Once you’ve finished you’ll be able to take your artwork home to keep, or to give out to your family and friends!

BSL is available for workshops upon request. Please let us know before the 1st of April.

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12 noon, Free and unticketed, Intermedia
Ages 4+
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