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Glasgow Zine Fest Zine Making Workshop

Sat 18 April 2020

Zine Making Workshop with Martha Williams

At the Black Feminist Bookshop we support all Black women and girls (trans, intersex and cis) and all non-binary people to use black feminist literature to generate strategies for self and collective care and liberation.

This workshop will explore the theme of endings as beginnings through shared readings, conversation, writing exercises, visualisation and collage. We will imagine our existence beyond oppression. What a different system might be like to inhabit. Who would we be and what would our lives be like? And how do we get there?


Martha Williams is a community organiser, artist and facilitator with interests surrounding fugitively, Black feminism, psycho-emotional health and nature connection. She is also coordinator of Black Feminist Bookshop.

This is a closed event only open to black women (trans, intersex and non-binary inclusive). No prior reading, skills or knowledge required. Children are welcome to attend with their parent/carer.

BSL is available for workshops upon request - please contact before 1 April 2020.

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5pm - 7pm, £2/£4/£6/£8/£10 (sliding scale) + £1 booking fee, Intermedia Gallery / All ages / Only open to black womxn (trans, intersex and non-binary inclusive) and their children
Book online / 0141 352 4900