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Going Full Cage | Cage-a-rama 2

Sat 5 January 2019


Going Full Cage 1hr

Matchbox Cineclub are beyond thrilled to bring this extremely popular, sell-out event from Bristol's Watershed to Glasgow for Cage-a-rama 2! Two of the UK's foremost film experts will explore the phenomenon of Cage, and debating the case for and against the best/worst actor of our times.

Nicolas Cage has been nominated for more Razzies than he has Oscars (The Golden Raspberry Awards recognise the worst in film), and yet he remains an Academy Award winning actor, thanks to his outstanding performance in Leaving Las Vegas. But just how can one man be recognised by both the industry’s most esteemed and most mocking award ceremonies? As fascinating as he is baffling, who is this enigmatic man? Is he utterly brilliant - in on the joke - or is he an overrated actor taking whatever pay check comes his way?

Whatever your opinion, we can say for sure that this member of the Coppola clan has worked with both the best and the worst in the business. From the Coen Brothers to the Kaufmans, with David Lynch and Neil LaBute, Nic Cage has entertained cinema audiences for almost forty years. Famous for his outlandish purchases, including oddities as wide-ranging as a castle in Bath (where he used to live!) and an illegal dinosaur skull, it’s no wonder he’s earned a reputation for eccentricity.

With another critically acclaimed performance on the horizon for his role in Mandy, Nic Cage super fans, Tara Judah, Watershed Cinema Producer and Timon Singh, Bristol Bad Film Club Founder will be diving deep into the bottomless abyss of the enigma. Presenting their cases for and against his brilliance in back to back presentations with clips, quotes and context, before discussing and debating their findings. Join us as Tara and Ti dare to go Full Cage.

Whether you’ve seen the best or the worst of his career, this session will equip you with the tools, anecdotes and arguments to understand the curious career and big screen allure of one of Hollywood’s most unconventional A-listers.

Part of Cage-a-rama 2: Cage Uncaged | #BringCage2Glasgow

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