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GSFF 2018

Everyday's the Seventies

Thu 15 March — Sun 18 March 2018

Installation: Everyday's the Seventies

Nguyễn Trinh Thi, 2018, sound mixed by Ernst Karel

Different versions of the same history - one personal, another depicted by cinema, the third described by the media - are laid on top of each other and collapsed. Mixing footage from 80s and 90s Hong Kong movies, with wire service footage of the Vietnam War and the Vietnamese refugee crisis in Hong Kong from the late 70s until 1997, with an interview with the owner of ‘Paul's Records’ in Hong Kong, Everyday’s the Seventies continues to explore Nguyễn’s interests in gaps, holes and disconnections in between personal memories/history and other kinds of collective histories.

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11am - 7pm, Free and unticketed, Intermedia
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