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GSFF 2018 Kevin Jerome Everson 2

Sat 17 March 2018

Kevin Jerome Everson

Kevin Jerome Everson is one of the most prolific filmmakers currently working in the United States. Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, his overriding concern is with black working class communities, and the social, economic and historical forces underpinning their everyday reality. Appearing at first glance to be observational cinema in form, his work straddles documentary, performance and abstraction, more often than not a creative collaboration with its subject. He is less concerned with narrative than with character and gesture, as well as the act of filming itself. Having trained as a sculptor, Everson often creates props for his films, drawing a direct connection between his filmmaking and its representations of labour.

We are delighted that Kevin will attend this screening to discuss his work.

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1pm, £7 (£5), Cinema
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