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GSFF 2018 We Need to Disagree 3: The Personal and the Political

Sun 18 March 2018

We Need to Disagree 3: The Personal and the Political

We disagree constantly: about how to shape our society, about the relation between freedom and security, about degrees of individuality and solidarity. Polarisation instead of debate, taking sides instead of engagement. Fifty years after the struggles for personal liberties and free expression of 1968 we have handed over our societal standards and values to populists and social media filter bubbles. But we need to disagree, to argue: to listen, pause, reconsider, and then speak – and at the same time resist the assault on progressive achievements. This triangle programme from the UK, Austria and Spain takes a look at three European countries in turmoil.

Memory, identity, gender, labour, family, sexuality are still at the heart of our struggle for progress and equality. Progression, regression, remembering, forgetting, speaking out and holding back. And the beating heart belongs to you, me, us.

Programme 3: The Personal and the Political is curated by L'Alternativa, Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona.

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3:15pm, £7 (£5), Cinema
15+ / F-rated
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