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GSFF19 | Nous les sauvages: voices from the banlieues

Sun 17 March 2019

Nous les sauvages: voices from the banlieues

They are young and talented. Funny and imaginative. Often their skin isn’t white. Often their parents or grandparents were born outside the borders of metropolitan France. They grew up on the outskirts of Paris or some other big city: in la banlieue, this wide part of the urban territory, mostly despised, poorly portrayed when not forgotten by a mainstream media that remains willfully blind and deaf to its vibrant energies. They are artists, filmmakers, actors… Slam the door in their face; they will come back through the window, movies in their pockets.

Curated and presented by Pamela Pianezza.

French, English subtitles

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Part of GSFF19 #




5.45pm, £7 (£5), Theatre
15+ / F-rated
Book online via GFT / 0141 332 6535