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CANCELLED Gypsy Music Ensemble Workshop

Tue 17 March 2020

Workshop 1 Ando Glaso 800 rsn3

We regret that this event has been cancelled.

Learn Gypsy music and join our ensemble, led by the best Roma musicians.

Ando Glaso invites you to join a mixed instrument group, to learn and play Gypsy music. The group will be led by some of the best authentic Roma musicians in Scotland, from the Romanian, Slovakian, Polish, Hungarian, etc Roma communities.

You will learn a wide variety of styles and develop a strong repertoire as part of an ensemble. This is a unique opportunity to experience and learn about this colourful genre and take part in the development of a new exciting orchestra.

We invite confident players on any instruments to join. If you are unsure of the level of playing required or your instrument, please contact




6pm - 8pm, £15 on the door, Cinema
0141 352 4900